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Technostress: a tension between technologies and work

By 26 Março, 2022Maio 3rd, 2022No Comments

More than two years after the pandemic and the forced use of technologies in the workplace, the perverse effects of the use of these telematic means are beginning to surface in work relationships.

A study by Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) – “Technostress: the use of technology and well-being in the work context” – revealed that the use of these computerized means in the work context largely breaks the boundaries that separate private life and professional life.

The study focuses on two innovative concepts in the work universe: techno-overload and techno-invasion, respectively translating the feeling of being forced to work more and faster, and, the feeling of being reachable at all times and in any place.

The surveyed public reveals that, due to the “infolaboralization” of work, they spend less and less time with their families, often maintaining a constant connection to work, even during vacation and rest periods, classifying it as a true invasion of their personal and family sphere.

This study, shows that a large percentage of active workers work faster, motivated by the work overload that these means of communication provide, in real-time contact with customers, exceeding limits and compromising the well-being of the workplace.

This study shows that a large percentage of active workers work faster, motivated by the work volume that these means of communication allow, and the real time contact with clients, thus exceeding limits and compromising the well being of the work.

Many of the workers had to adapt drastically, without the respective training on these tools and new realities, changing completely the work habits that were previously standardized.

Interestingly enough, men are the ones who have a higher level of technostress compared to women. Also, interestingly, the younger age group (under 24) is the one where the intrusion of computerized means is less “toxic” to personal life.

Since stress associated with the use of technology is linked to emotional exhaustion and physical complaints by workers, what impact could technostress have on health and safety at work? Is technostress the next occupational disease?

It is believed that it will be necessary (i) to create labor legislation capable of dealing with the overload and invasion of the use of information and communication technologies; (ii) to train employers about the negative impacts and the always-on culture; (iii) to encourage the creation of working methods that allow for a more effective conciliation of private and professional life.

Gonçalo Asper Caro @ DCM | Littler